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Special events

In addition to the regular morning and evening talks campers will have several opportunities to participate in a number of special events held in the afternoon time as well.

Geology excursion

Campers will have an opportunity to sign up for an amazing first hand geology excursion with Dr Emil Silvestru (Geologist and cave expert). Head off into the wilderness and spend an afternoon with a PhD geologist exploring the evidence supporting biblical history.

Blind chess challenge!

Blind chess challenge! Attendees can also try out their chess skills VS Dr Jonathan Sarfati. Dr Sarfati will be playing multiple opponents simultaneously while he is blindfolded! Up for the challenge?

Special sessions for those interested in teaching Creation!

Recognising that there are many Christians teaching about these issues already (or wanting to) within their home church/ community, CMI will be holding 2 special sessions dedicated to explaining how to present the creation message as a way to encourage those who may share from our experience.

Learn what the most important topics to cover are and how to overcome common objections. Ask your questions and get answers from presenters that have been on the front lines presenting in churches and various venues week after week for many years.


Most children (and adults) love dinosaurs! Sadly they are used by evolutionists to indoctrinate many kids into believing in millions of years of evolution that destroys the fundamental basis for the message of Jesus. Calvin Smith will be doing a special session on this topic for kids and adults alike. Learn the Biblical truth about these monsters that God made while examining a collection of fossils that show evidence of God's creation!