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6 Days of teaching, fun and fellowship that will grow your faith, rest your body and renew your mind.


CMI has held similar events in Australia and the US. Hear what attendees have said about them...


-"For me this time was the family atmosphere. When my son looked up at me and said 'Dad I want to come to this again next year' my heart leaped for joy."

-"I brought my 17 year old son ... I believe this was a life changing event for him."

-"My two teenagers loved it! Came for them but left filled myself."

Of the speakers/talks:

-"I was held captive by their talks."

-"Really excellent speakers on great topics-good variety."

-"Exceptional. Professional presentations by all. We are amazed at who we heard in 4 days!"

-"We appreciate the level of cutting-edge research. Excellent with excellent credentials."

-"All lectures were amazing and I loved having access to the Drs and speakers."

-"First class, knowledgeable yet understandable by lay people."

-"Many are surprised to see speakers mix with those attending, at meal times and coffee breaks etc."

- "Having access to speakers was a real treat."